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India has always faced shortage of doctors. Since independence, population has grown 3-4 times while number of Doctors and Medical Colleges remained low. There is only one doctor per 1,700 citizens in India; the World Health Organization (WHO) stipulates a minimum ratio of 1:1,000. While the Union Health Ministry figures claim that there are about 6-6.5 lakh doctors available, India would need about four lakh more by 2020—50,000 for PHCs; 0.8 lakh for community health centres (CHC); 1.1 lakh for 5,642 sub-centres and another 0.5 lakh for medical college hospitals. India stands at 67th rank amongst around 133 developing countries with regard to the number of doctors.

The answer to the poor patient and doctor ratio is to increase number of Medical Colleges in India. The government has taken a number of measures to facilitate setting up more medical colleges and nursing institutions to improve the doctor/nurse- population ratio in general and also correct the urban bias in the availability of doctors/nurses.

Since no government can set up more and more Medical Colleges on their own, private trust, Companies, Societies etc were encouraged to set up private medical colleges especially in North India where doctor-patient ratio is much poorer than national average. Government has also liberalized Medical Council of India`s norms/regulations related to land, bed strength, etc. to enable opening up of new medical colleges. The ratio of post graduate medical teacher to the student has been relaxed from 1:1 to 1:2 which will result in availability of more medical specialists.

Unless proper guidance and advice is provided, establishing a Medical College in a private sector is a herculean task where norms of Medical Council of India have to be followed in toto. That’s where D-Johns Medcon Pvt Ltd expertise comes into picture. With more than 6 years of experience in providing consultancy for establishing Medical Colleges, HR solutions (Faculty & Doctors), Equipment procurement & Bio-Medical Engineering solution, House Keeping solution for Hospital and Medical Colleges, we provide complete platform for setting up new Medical College.